Tanya practices acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and is the only member of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine in Eastern Canada with specialized training with supporting clients through their fertility treatment in partnership with a fertility clinic.

As an acupuncturist and trained doula, Tanya has supported hundreds of clients through their pregnancy, through labour and into the postpartum and shares her knowledge as the Ontario board representative for the Canadian Association of Obstetrical Oriental Medicine.

Since 2004, Tanya has been researching, studying and practicing acupuncture for reproductive medicine. Wherever you are on your parent-hood journey, whether dealing with problematic periods, navigating fertility challenges, experiencing pregnancy discomforts or are riding the rollercoaster of new parenthood, Tanya can help!

Tanya also loves experimenting in the kitchen and it’s where you will find her most often when she is not in clinic (unless she’s in the garden of course!) She shares her happy home with her partner and their two kids and they spend as much time as possible outside!